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Analysis Flawed on Kagan Audience

In Politics, Social Issues, Supreme Court on May 27, 2010 at 10:41 pm

You have to try and read this analysis (Click Here) without …well you read it…then come back.  Or just take my summary if you just cannot wait to hear what I think (I am sure you can’t wait!)

My summary of her article is:  Young people don’t care about morals so the media need not care about that when reporting on Kagan because these 20 somethings are the people she would serve and we should just give them what they want.

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No Bailout for Greece UNLESS…

In Consitution, Economics, Health Care, Politics, Social Issues, Supreme Court, Tax on May 17, 2010 at 3:49 pm

You are going to have to sit down for this one.  The IMF and it’s partners are telling Greece they need to PRIVATIZE their health care system to get the bailout money.   Not just this though.  They want Greece to get out of the all the private markets that are draining their funds.


Opinion “C” is: The truth will set us free.  NO government has really made government run health care systems work as well as the privatized model the United States has used for two centuries.  With all of the issues that government over regulation and strangle holds the feds have put on competition, the semi-free market still outperformed socialized medicine.

Greece is a prime example on several levels why we should abandon these politicians desire to “engineer” our society from inside of Washington D.C.  The sooner we admit it, the better off we will be.

I hope the plaintiffs in the U.S. Health Care repeal cases make this Greece example EXHIBIT A.

But, even if Greece gets smart and follows this rare good advice from on high, I still don’t think they should get a PENNY/EURO of bailout money.  The process of privatization should be good enough to get them to stick with what works and will pull them out of the slump they are in.  Just the same as it would in the United States.

Top Investigators on Obama Birth Trail

In Consitution, Elections, Politics, Supreme Court, Tax on May 10, 2010 at 1:35 pm

The last well rounded news report on the matter is here.  Fortune 500 experienced professional investigators are on the case.  The pressure is mounting.

Opinion “C” is: It matters.  Hopefully it goes without saying that anything he signs is a fraud if his Hawaiian birth claim is.  Good bye ObamaCare, Post-Bush Bailouts and what appears to be the next in Cap and Tax/Trade.  LTC Lakin will have a point in his refusal to go to Afghanistan.  And there are so many other factors.

If he was born in Hawaii, then he should stop spending his legal dollars to hide it and spend it to expose it.  (If he was born in Hawaii, what is to hide?? Why waste the MONEY???)

If he was born in Kenya, then all tax payers should sue for damages against him and the DNC.  We certainly would want our change back.

Again the link is:

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Obama Originally Kenyan? Pressure Mounts

In Elections, Politics, Social Issues, Supreme Court on May 7, 2010 at 2:55 pm

If you don’t know it, one of the most decorated military officers still actively commissioned in the U.S. Army, LTC Terry Lakin, has refused to obey orders to deploy to Afganistan.  His justification is that the orders are signed by President Obama who has not proven, but rather spent nearly a million dollars in legal fees to keep the truth about his true birthplace hidden.  The pressure is mounting, Read the rest of this entry »

Judge Hillary

In Supreme Court on April 12, 2010 at 8:23 pm

I thought I was in some altered state of reality as I read the comments by Sen. Hatch, though he would not endorse her, he complemented her and that she was good for the Democratic Party.  I don’t think potential Supreme Court Nominee Clinton is going to get that much praise from many on the right.  Maybe Hatch felt too close to the lions den and opted for the “when in Rome” road.

Does any one know how far the progressive movement would run with one of its ardent leaders in the highest courts in the land?  One conservative judge away from something out of a 1980’s style “America Gone Commie” movie…but in real life.  Red Dawn was one of my favorite movies, because in the end we took our country back.  Way to go Swayze!  I thought, what a fiction, WILD.  Not gonna happen here.  Communisim and Socialism were so detested for 70+ years in this country.  But rather than paratroopers falling into every rural town in America and challenging every cowboy with a gun and a truck, they just decided to influence the local politicians from a really young age and get them to believe Marx and Alinsky.   Read the rest of this entry »