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New Marxist Serves Clinton & Obama

In Politics, Social Issues on June 8, 2010 at 9:30 pm

New Marxist Serves Clinton & Obama

World Net Daily reports that Ben Scott, policy director at a George Soros funded organization calling itself Free Press, has taken a key state department position. The former director is now a policy advisor for innovation. The positions key role is for the government to work with nonprofit organizations to identify programs that have had proven success in tackling social problems, such as homelessness and joblessness, and then to expand those programs across the country. The government feels it cannot tackle social issues alone.

So what’s wrong with that? Well, Ben Scott comes from Free Press, an organization not only funded by George Soros, a well known Marxist, but it’s run by a Marxist as well named Robert W. Machesney who is quoted saying “In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick-by-brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.”  Free Press is a well known advocate for government intervention in media like the internet and mainstream media outlets.

This administration is planning to change this country alright.  We rely heavily on the the churches and other non-profits to lift up the country in the poorest areas of our major cities and even in the small towns in America.  The Progressives/Marxists know that they’ll have to transfer that influence to the Federal Government even more in order to gain support for an ever expanding government social engineering agenda.

They know how to do this because they have been in that flow of influence transfer with the aid of Hollywood and by constricting the financial flow to those organizations by ruining the economy.  This makes the welfare solution and nanny state very attractive to financially struggling pastors and missionaries.

My question is, how far do we have to go down this path before America can never turn back?  My guess is that we will always have a contingent that see this for what it is, but as we go through every election allowing the Progressives (we call them Regressives around here) to continue to power grab in all social sectors, these knowledgeable passionate patriots become fewer.  I also am guessing that we are growing closer to the point of no return.  Maybe 3-5 election cycles away.

For patriots, the next 5-10 years are our “last stand” against all that is socialism in this country.  We better stay informed and never give up trying to alert our friends and families what is really going on here and show our neighbor that principles of Liberty are what made this country great and the loss of it is the only real threat we have to our foundational way of life.


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