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Pelosi Connects Church & State

In Politics, Social Issues on June 1, 2010 at 11:24 pm

Selective biblical listening is so creepily displayed:


Opinion “C” is:

Whhhhow. I am appreciative that the Founding Fathers were the ones that knew how to create the foundational laws of this country based on biblical understanding.  They actually said murder was against the law. They never thought deranged political deceivers would twist these laws to this huge distortion to enact legalized abortion.

Listening to Nancy talk about The Word is like listening to a terrorist talk about the need for fewer car bombings in the world. It just is not believable. It is important to know why she is doing this and what we need to do.

My theory is that, since the Federal Government is starting another surge of power grabs to increase the welfare entitlement agenda and social engineering, she and the President know they must convince the churches that government should take it over as a Christian duty.  It has to be the moral duty of government or we must all be ashamed.  Rather than the church doing it, it is time for the governmnet to do more of that.  It is now our religious duty to ensure the people, especially the ones who go to church that don’t vote for liberals often, give the Feds the power and money to handle all of these social issues.

What we need to do about this can be summed up in one word and explained in the acronym.  The one word is BLOCK.

B“e informed

L“et Congress know you don’t want this

O“pen a discussion with pastors about fake social justice

C“ontribute to freedom minded politicians

K“now you are making a difference

Now I need to go watch a horror film to get this scary image out of my MIND!


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