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Rahm, Bill and Joe Eat Crow

In Elections, Politics on May 28, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Bill just has no idea how to stay out of trouble much in this political world we live in.  He just cannot keep from offering influential or valuable positions in exchange for personal “favors.”  STORY HERE

The White House today admits that Rahm asked Bill to call Joe and offer some crumbs of an “unpaid board position” (which Joe said repeatedly was a ” job” until they seemed to coordinate their stories) to remove himself from the PA Primary against Arlen.



Opinion “C” is: In listening to Joe Sestak tell reporters that he somewhat “interupted the former President” I got the feeling he was helping Bill, Rahm and to an undisclosed extent Obama, by creating this sense that nothing was even really mentioned due to the interuption.  Perfect.  Bill Clinton now did not inhale.  He did not have relations.  He did not really get a chance to ask Sestak anything.  If I were to believe this sludge and I were going to select someone to finish anything, Bill is proving himself incompetent.

Right.  Sure.  Ok.  Whatever. Legal issues still stand after all is said and done from everything I am seeing (I’m no lawyer, but with this you don’t have to be).


Joe, I have some sage advice.  I and my fellow Americans can spot lies from Washington just simply due to the fact that we see politicians talking.  To prove honesty requires corroboration.  You start off with the fact that you were offered a “JOB” to get out of the race.  And now we are closing the gap to the point that you didn’t really know anything because you interrupted Bubbalicious before he could say anything.

Point is when you give us two different stories.  And the second story appears to be a cover up.  IT IS.

Then we get this story that it is “common horse trading politics.”  And “People in PA don’t care.”  Trust me.  They care.  They don’t want Washington telling them who they can and cannot vote for.  And it matters not if it happened 6 times a day.  When the law is broken and you are caught. You are caught.  And since you did nothing wrong except not report it fully and now start to comply with the cover up, you’ll be going down with the rest of them.

You should have told the truth.  Slick Willie and Barry can handle it.  You should have kept your nose clean.  But through this we all know your loyalties rest in the establishment.  And that is the LAST impression we all have of you.  And if you didn’t learn, that was the reason you beat Specter.  And now you run this in Specter style.

Great luck trying to rub that voter ink off of you by November.  It ain’t going to be pretty for you sir.  You may want to take a Navy position after all.


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