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Analysis Flawed on Kagan Audience

In Politics, Social Issues, Supreme Court on May 27, 2010 at 10:41 pm

You have to try and read this analysis (Click Here) without …well you read it…then come back.  Or just take my summary if you just cannot wait to hear what I think (I am sure you can’t wait!)

My summary of her article is:  Young people don’t care about morals so the media need not care about that when reporting on Kagan because these 20 somethings are the people she would serve and we should just give them what they want.

Opinion “C” is:  You have to understand a couple points.

  1. That we are not a country of 20 year olds.  (Thank GOD)  Kagan, if put in place, will be EVERY persons Supreme Court Justice in America.   We all have to weigh this candidates creds.
  2. Another thing is when I was 20 I didn’t care about serious things much.  Now I am much more conservative and have grown in that direction.  I don’t think we should discount the opinion of the youth, but I think it is wise to make an informed opinion about the youth sentiment and recognize they are still young and don’t know what the wise people of the world know.

I would be far more interested in the opinions of the majority of the 60+ than the Baby Gaga’s if we select ONE segment of society to listen to.  As the youngin’s would say “just sayin’.”

(Disclaimer I’m < 60) (< = “less than”)

  1. What’s that saying??? The definition of insanity is…….

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