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The Government Trust Ingredient

In Elections, Politics, Social Issues on May 16, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Every politician with integrity and intelligence knows that the only resume items of any real value are the accomplishments that prove their word is trust worthy.  You would think more politicians would take this seriously and learn from those who figured it out.  As a side note, the socialists are making good on their promise to change this country fundamentally into a fascist or socialist nation.

According to this report, the smarter we get, the more wealthy we become.  The more wealthy we become the less we trust in the government.  It describes this not as an American process, but universal truth across the globe.

It is also my hypothesis that the less we trust something, someone, the less we associate with them.  Keep your friends close; enemies closer, is not a normal human action or reaction.  It is a behavior only war tacticians, whether the war is physical or cultural, engage in.

What if all that is true? If so, it is not hard to see how this country came to the place where socialist minded people are infiltrating every layer of our society from schools to universities and city hall to the halls of congress.

Explanation: The school playground mindset.  The mob rules the day because the peace lovers flee creating a void.

Those who trust in government still have not grown out of it due to intellect and personal self successes.  That is basically what that report is extrapolating from NPR and Pew.

If you are in politics then you have two choices.

  1. Keep your word and earn the trust of anyone you can at the complete disadvantage of an ever growing wisdom within our citizenry.
  2. Work to prevent  citizens from growing successful enough to doubt government.

You would hope that all politicians would chose option 1.  But it appears that option 2 is the path more often taken.  Every time a politician lies it exposes the fact that they believe that it doesn’t matter.  It can only NOT matter if you think the public is not wise enough to hold you accountable.

The mob can be countered only if the honest group rises to the occasion together.  Enter the Tea Party.

The good news is that the honest crowd normally can only take so much.  Those that distrust will take steps to right the wrongs when the situation is too disruptive to quality living.  I hope this November is a time and place where the bullies, who are stealing our lunch money to give to others to keep loyalties strong, get shown the door.

When bullies malign peace loving people like Tea Party Patriots, the still yet ignorant are like the playground sway people who just go along with them.  The rest of us see right through it as a scare tactic which is motivated by option 2 above.  If this continues, the socialists are going to push Americans so hard for their lunch money, that we will take out the bullies, and create some rules that prevent this environment from so easily happening again.  Term limits and more are likely the rebounding response to these injustices.

If you are peace loving, pro U.S. Constitution, and want liberty for all generations to come, join with those who believe the same and help bring order to this playground again for us and our children, get to know your friends and your enemies and throw the solution punches by voting in November.  We can have America back to it’s greatness again in no time.


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