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Cleaning House: Bennett First; Not Last

In Elections, Politics, Social Issues, Tax on May 8, 2010 at 8:46 pm

Everyone is going to have their take tomorrow on all of the news channels on just what the demise of the Bennett incumbency means and how it really happened .  Some will blame strange election rules of the Utah Republican convention and others will blame 10 other oddities about Utah for the Bennett upset today.  That is ok.

Opinion “C” is:  The Tea Party is flexing it’s honorable peaceful muscles in Utah.  Who gets Tea Party cleanup next?  What we all have to remember, is that the conservative surge is on the rise and no matter what weird rules are applied to the process, conservatives will take every advantage of every crack in the process.  More importantly, they will need to use the spirit of this democratic republic with sheer numbers to oust “Bailout Republicans” from the party if interested in real change.  I think conservatives must realize a third party capable of killing the socialism/fascism spirit in Washington D.C. is not all that likely in the sort term.  Republicans and Independants have to work together to bring real change they can believe in.

So that is what is happening in some sections of the country.  I believe more and more Pro-Bailout Republicans will continue to be removed from office and the GOP really gets a conservative house cleaning to returns to it’s roots in the near future.   This appears at first glance to be a snapshot into that window of opportunity.

As for a third party, it will likely not happen in the way we might think if at all. It is possible that a third party will be created by the bailout/RINO club.  They will call themselves the moderates.  The will say many in the country will want them rather than the extremes to the left or the right.  These will be politicians who cannot be a democrat in name, but cannot vote for liberty in this country above all, for all.  It will be those without constitutional principle conviction as the overriding factor on all they do in office.

We could start to see in 2012 or 4-8 years later, a three way heat in many races.  If this really happens, the question “Who is conservative but with a caring heart, ex-Rino’s or Republicans?” will become the debate of the decade.  It will be a false and distracting debate.  The RINO’s have no choice because they won’t win on platform and conviction. The fact is.  Constitutional Republicans love not only their country, but the people who live here because they care to give them the environment that enables liberty and dignity for all without stealing their money and giving it to banks, automakers, Greece, third generation welfare riders and the list goes on.

Because this is so low rumble with no violence, Dem’s will think the whole thing is unraveling on the right.  They just don’t know what a peaceful protest like this is and so they cannot count on what they cannot comprehend.  They will believe Obama and the left stream media that the the Tea Party is a fringe group.  It will likely reduce Dem voter turnout.  The left stream media deception will be what causes the democrats to rest on their appearance of victoriousness.

I could be wrong on all this but no matter what happens, Mr. Bennett, enjoy your gold watch.



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