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Obama Originally Kenyan? Pressure Mounts

In Elections, Politics, Social Issues, Supreme Court on May 7, 2010 at 2:55 pm

If you don’t know it, one of the most decorated military officers still actively commissioned in the U.S. Army, LTC Terry Lakin, has refused to obey orders to deploy to Afganistan.  His justification is that the orders are signed by President Obama who has not proven, but rather spent nearly a million dollars in legal fees to keep the truth about his true birthplace hidden.  The pressure is mounting, and so is the evidence that Mr. Obama was actually born in Kenya.

If you have nothing to hide Mr. B. Obama, why pay a million to hide it?

Opinion “C” is: I trust a military officer with everything to lose and nothing to gain.  It’s about to hit the news like a firestorm because this is the first person who is going to force Obama’s hand on this issue.  You will not see more of an outcry from American’s if Obama does not comply and this guy goes to jail while Obama keeps his million dollar secrets.  LTC Lakin, I respect your tenacity to uncover the truth even if Mr. Obama turns out to be an American Born citizen.  But I expect nothing less from our officers.  You are the exact type of leader our military needs and we should be doing all we can to weed out the embedded terrorist who kill from inside the organization.  You have my prayers.  God be with you and this country you are laying you life on the line for.

If you are right, and with all that I am seeing you have a greater chance of being right than wrong and I think that is the only reason you would do this, I hope the citizens of this country will be far more interested in who they vote for.  Your sacrifice deserves that attention at a minimum.


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