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Arizona Law Exposes Obama Weakness

In Elections, Immigration, Social Issues on April 23, 2010 at 7:20 pm

Apparently Mr. Obama doesn’t understand that laws that clearly define crimes are not popular to criminals.  Well, you have to understand a strong motivation.  These criminals are the same folks that want the handouts that the Government is trying to use to bribe people to vote for socialists like Obama.

The new Arizona law takes affect in about 5 months.

Opinion “C” is: The concern over racial profiling  is a ruse.  Most smart law enforcement professionals, and most are smart, know that the demographics of crime are across multi-cultural lines.  They also know that they can use the same enforcement in the public venue to take care of ANY person here illegally no matter where they are from.  They also are not ignorant of the fact that most people here illegally in their state are going to be from somewhere in Mexico and countries to the South and South East of Mexico.  THEY ALSO KNOW that most of the people in their state are there LEGALLY so they have to keep their wits about them to ensure they don’t tread on our freedom.  And FREEDOM and LIBERTY are the WHOLE purpose of this law.  Anyone can be here as long as they come through the front door.  The only people upset about this are people who are here illegally and those who want to use them as a resource for their elections and political power.

Dear Mr. Obama.  Please understand.  You are putting this country at risk by trying to play this game.  And you are blatantly refusing to defend the U.S. Constitution and Laws of the Land.  Your #1 job.  We know you think being elected is your #1 job.  Consider this a job/task reevaluation and course correction notice.  We actually want you to protect and defend the constitution and laws and not those who violate them.  We have other types of lawyers for that.   Remember, you work for me and 300m LEGAL Americans.


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