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Climate Change; Frost Bite

In Environment on April 22, 2010 at 6:16 pm

It’s not funny when someone gets frost bite, unless of course it is in an attempt to prove global warming.  It’s not enough for some people that over 31,000 scientists are launching a lawsuit over the fact that this is all an attempt to tax people for CO2, I.E. breath, when it has proven to help our climate.   It’s a hoax folks.  But it’s not just one idiot.  Read this link:

Opinion “C” is: Don’t kill yourself by ever decreasing sub zero temps trying to prove that the climate is warming.  Cold…is not  the new warm.  As mom used to say, bundle up! (was that in the Herald SUN?)
(If the story is pulled…let me know.. I have the original content.)
  1. Hey, just wanted to point out that cold weather does not disprove global climate change. GCC is a trend over many years; it will continue to get way colder, as well as way warmer over many years. The problem is that as a trend, the earth is increasing in temperature. So yes. People will still get frostbite. And it will still snow in winter. And it will continue that way one year, five years, ten years from now. But 100 years? We’ll see.

    • So the question is…in the large large picture, what is the fluctuation and how much? If it is substantially worse then who/what causes it? Well, this statement from the body of scientists (NIPCC) concerning the “hockey stick” graph that are not funded by Al Gore states:

      “A corrected temperature record shows temperatures around the world were warmer during the Medieval Warm Period of approximately 1,000 years ago than they are today, and have averaged 2-3ºF warmer than today’s temperatures over the past 10,000 years.”

      So, there seems to be no real warming trend and if there were it would not appear that history shows the industrial revolution as a factor. Want to read what scientists believe as opposed to Al?

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