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Too Many Laws; Too Little Time

In Politics on April 18, 2010 at 11:21 pm

When I think about all that is in the news related to politics, I get overwhelmed.  As time rolls on it seems that Washington is trying to make as many changes as they can as fast as they can in hopes that something sticks.  It is as if they want to confuse the public and camouflage the opposition arguments in a sea of political maneuvers.  It is difficult for those in the media who would want to cover it all to actually do it.  Consider the ramifications of a 2500+ page health care bill.  There is no way that you can really devote enough time to report on all that is in it in a way that the common radio and TV audience can grasp in a 5 hour broadcast much less a 30 min one.

I point to one opinion in this article, not to give you a wholesale promotion of this author’s solution, but to give you another way of looking at the problem. Imagine being a political news journalist in a sea of a thousand stories in which all of them could have potential for impactful information.  Your problem is not a lack of possible news, but so much you don’t know where to start.  With a thousand rabit trails to run down, you need an army of journalists, organized by groups with some coordinators to make sure that related stories get the appropriate connections they need to other related stories. Then once you gather all these stories what order do you put all of them in?  For the news director at one of the major networks that cares to write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth it must be like “herding a thousand cats.”  As a cat owner I can only imagine.

Opinion “C” is:  These politicians work for us.  They are, when doing things right, suppose to succinctly and accurately tell us what noose they are throwing on us next in the form of another law.  If they cannot do that they are not doing their job.  If I could point to one reason ANY bill lately should be repealed, it is the fact that they could not write it in 20 pages or less.  The mass majority of the people in this country should be able to read and understand the bill.

I think it would be great if congress were required to get 20 people from across the country to read and explain the bills they write.  If out of 20 not even 10 can accurately describe the intended consequenses of a bill, much less the unintended ones, then the bill should go back.  Start over.  Make it comprehensible.  If the founding documents of a country like ours can meet that requirement, then all bills should.  You should not need a law degree, tarot cards and a special hand shake with Pelosi, Reid or Obama to fully understand the new laws of the whole land.

I especially think that if Congress were required to go back and apply the 20 person test to all major controversial bills over the past 100 years, I suspect we could repeal an enormous amount of red tape that is of no use to this country.  This suggestion is just on comprehensibility.  There is more we could do in the realm of constitutionality.  But let’s just be able to understand what we think we want to do before we do it folks!


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