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Tea Party Wannabe’s

In Elections on April 13, 2010 at 7:50 pm

I’m a busy person.  Full time job.  Concerned for America.  If I go to a Tea Party Rally it is only because I want the Federal Government to get back to the business of being a Constitutional Federal Government.  I cannot speak for everyone in the Tea Party, but I think we are all very much in agreement with this agenda.  Read the content on the websites and you start to get a pretty clear picture of what people are protesting.

Then an affirmation that we are fighting some of the most ignorant, looney, whack jobs America can produce comes along and it made me angry at first, then sad for them, then a grin.  These kool-aid drinkers apparently are not gainfully employed enough to have a real cause so they make it their life to mock those with one.

By the way I think it is all about the money for them.  If they were real socialists, they would not sell T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers etc… I actually think they are capitalists capitalizing on current affairs in order to take money from dumb people who think they are socialists.  And the rich get richer as they say:).  So in fact their website may just be helping the conservatives after all.

After their entire plea was the all important question that I think EVERYONE needs to answer after they grasp the gravity of the truth of the tenets that undergird the world views in question.

Read this from the group that “claims” they are “Tea Party Crashers”…then the rest of my opinion below.

Opinion “C” is:  “Well, Are you… Punk?”  I think this helps us.  We are either:

a) witnessing a great capitalistic scam, which is going to dupe idiots to give their money to a person on the side of the conservatives and snuff some of the funds out of the leftist socialist movement…OR

b) These guys are unwittingly galvanizing the country against socialism by helping to finally rally people to join one side or the other.

The reality is, America will always come back to the real world views that made it great.  Putting the real debate on the map is helping those who did not know it was a fight against socialism.  They can begin to grapple with that ever important question especially now that the elections are months away and you really need to know:  “Are you?”

  1. I usually add nothing to my own…but this was a great follow-up link to read on this.

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