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Judge Hillary

In Supreme Court on April 12, 2010 at 8:23 pm

I thought I was in some altered state of reality as I read the comments by Sen. Hatch, though he would not endorse her, he complemented her and that she was good for the Democratic Party.  I don’t think potential Supreme Court Nominee Clinton is going to get that much praise from many on the right.  Maybe Hatch felt too close to the lions den and opted for the “when in Rome” road.

Does any one know how far the progressive movement would run with one of its ardent leaders in the highest courts in the land?  One conservative judge away from something out of a 1980’s style “America Gone Commie” movie…but in real life.  Red Dawn was one of my favorite movies, because in the end we took our country back.  Way to go Swayze!  I thought, what a fiction, WILD.  Not gonna happen here.  Communisim and Socialism were so detested for 70+ years in this country.  But rather than paratroopers falling into every rural town in America and challenging every cowboy with a gun and a truck, they just decided to influence the local politicians from a really young age and get them to believe Marx and Alinsky.  

Opinion “C” is: The socialists in this world that are pushing their agenda from other countries have to be thinking one thing:  “I hope Hillary becomes Judge and a conservative judge is replaced, that way all branches of American Federal Government are powered by our sympathizers and and soon America will share in our poverty and sorrow once and for all.”

Misery loves Hillary.  That is all there is to it.


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