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Voight Will Move Votes

In Elections, Politics, Social Issues on April 11, 2010 at 12:10 am

If you missed Jon with his latest “stunt” as the progressives are likely to call it, you need to catch this.  

Voight has a special voice in the lime light.  I think he resonates with many many Americans from all walks of life as he puts it.  If you don’t know what the Alinsky method is you should read on what the issue is with it and what to really do about it.  You would think aggression is the answer, but the reverse is true.

If you don’t know what Keynesian economics is.  You should look into that too.  The solutions are just as real and sobering.

Both of these ideologies are dangerously pushing America to third world status as fast as it possibly can.  It takes knowledge, wisdom and guts to do what will change this all for the better.

Opinion “C” is:  If Mr. Voight will continue to raise the banner higher and higher with even tempered well reasoned statements, the Alinsky drones are going to have to start to resort to boredom tactics.  When Obama is boring, the fickle left will kick while he is down.  Bottom line, it appears that America is listening to the Voights of the world.  Preliminary results of some polls are starting to show a shift of even more indipendents to the Tea Party and I think progressives are scared that they may have been found out.  Let me help you Mr. Obama.  We know.  You have been made.  Voight and others who finally expose the Clinton’s and Obama’s of the world for who they are will get a great reward in Heaven for using their power of communication for the good of others.  That’s just my opinion though.


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