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How Many in Your Party?

In Elections on April 3, 2010 at 3:53 pm

We don’t know how many people are in the Tea Party movement.  It is a lot though. It is so big the Dems are trying to minimize it out of fear. The “new” Republicans, as the conservative GOPer’s sometimes call themselves, want Tea Party Patriots to keep their identity while throwing off the idea of a third party. They want to almost claim the Tea Party as a part of the GOP without saying it. At least this is what I understand from what Hannity is fighting for on his Conservative Victory tour.

I see the concern.  If you split the conservatives between two or more parties in a significant way, you reduce real synergy and risk a loss in a race of three parties.  If you split the real conservatives over name, you get a fight between conservatives over name only.  This is not productive.

But real conservatives have been burned by Republicans in the past with the ever frustrating liberal Republicans getting a free pass just because they are not officially in the (D) party.  The bailout activity before Obama is my standout issue.  These Republicans In Name Only (RINO) “leaders” would vote with liberals in the other party when it is not so politically hurtful to their career.  Now that everyone is keeping an eye on them they all voted against ObamaCare. When they don’t they end up like Specter. Still, in the past we did what Hannity is suggesting. We use this loyalty logic to quietly submit to the needs of Republicans under the two party system.  But, as Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”  We now have ObamaCare!

Opinion “C” is: In the end the conservative Republicans and the Tea Party may likely find a way to work well together and it would be no surprise. But I think it may take this type of real Third Party pressure to help the GOP regain it’s resolve to put principle over politics.  Whether they merge in name or not the great thing is that this process will eventually raise the level of understanding and people will vote more intelligently.  Truth agrees with Truth. Let’s all vote for the best candidates that promote a real Constitutional government and we should have no issue.

  1. As long as Dems are hard left, the Tea Party will continue to surge. Republicans better take heed.

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