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Morality: Never Destroyed

In Social Issues on April 1, 2010 at 10:40 pm

I’d like to see this battle about ENDA end with a proclamation of truth and everyone set straight once and for all.  But seriously folks.  I know at my core that thousands of years of moral understanding through time based in scripture (and not just Christianity) shows that cultures, peoples, nations, however you want to group us, are decidedly impressed by the notion that men and women are compatible sexually based on physical evidence.  Hard to believe right?  In addition you can include a majority of theological-philosophical-sociological backing and civil and legal precedent as foundational support on top of just sheer common sense.  This is not a recent phenomenon.  We’re talking about THOUSANDS OF YEARS of cemented culture.  If homosexuals feel they are beating their head against a brick wall, they are.

Biology points us there.  That is really all I need.  God telling me something obvious like this is, well, redundant.  But I am glad He did just in case there was any doubt and obviously He knew there was and would continue to be confusion.

But this is not all homosexuals need because they have chosen that alternative lifestyle.  Dismissing this as choice is false and is attempted because those who have tried know they cannot win this argument. They “need” biology to support them just as strong.  It’s not there folks.  And if the next 5000 years are a mirror representation of the last it won’t be there anytime soon.  I heard a saying once and cannot remember where but: if someone, who seems credible, tells you that a dog’s tail is really his fifth leg, how many legs does the dog have? Answer: 4.

So now what.  Well this is important.  What is happening now in America and around the world is a uniting of a diverse fringe group of homosexuals to finally put off millennium upon millennium of universal culture and get their way.  That is really their only alternative if they want to “feel” like they are in the right without deciding to concede long held understanding and truth as displayed by human nature.  They won’t admit they are wrong so they have to believe, accurately or not, everyone else is.  This is the main reason for pushing for additional special sub culture rights in any and every area possible looking for some crack in the wall.

Morality is not all that subjective.  There are cases where you have to determine if an act was moral or not, but the ruler you judge it by is pretty concrete.  Murder: Bad.  Theft: Wrong.  False Witness (lying): Deceitful.  Where did those come from?  Did they start with an American style of Christianity?  Nope.  These are straight out of the Jewish original play book for society.  The Ten Commandments are not just a personal document for personal best practices.  They were handed down to Moses to govern a people group.  Additional scriptures written thousands of years ago believed to be inspired by the Creator that the Bill of Rights points to as the origin of our rights points out that homosexuality is a sin.  If any one is saying that in America, it is not because they want it to be historically accepted as the ideology of God-fearing people.  It is historically accepted as truth by God-fearing people for thousands of years and that is why it is not a simple cultural war for gays anywhere.

Opinion “C” is: Americans are fighting an ideological battle that puts the core of society under the microscope.  I like this.  In the end it won’t adjust real morality but rather confirm it.  Murder is never going to be moral even if it were made legal.  Theft likewise.  Contempt neither.  Homosexuality – same thing.  All of the governments  could convene at that U.N. to decare the positive moral status and virtue of homosexuality and it would still be immoral.  The decisions in governments will never make moral that which is immoral no matter how far the agenda is taken.  I love that about absolute truth.

The real question for Americans who hold fast to these beliefs is how far are you going to let it go in the courts, in the legislatures, in the executive branch and in the arena of public opinion before you stop voting for those who don’t align with millennium upon millennium of core morality.  When will you stop spending money on advertising through networks who promote the agenda.  When will you stop supporting groups that have the promotion of homosexuality to moral status as their core ideal.  When will you be as active in promoting what you really believe as those who are trying to get you to believe differently.  Because at this time, your child’s teachers will probably be free to role model these rebellious  ideals.  Your son and daughter might have to endure indoctrination in colleges.  Your pastors and religious leaders may be taking the low road.  Your spouse may be weak and get confused and your children tossed in a tailspin of emotions and confusion.  The list goes on and I think our current society has shown that this negativity has some staying power culturally even if it is never correct morally.  Ever.

Final important note:  I don’t believe in the hierarchy of sin.  Homosexuality is no better or worse than adultery or any other sin therefore no one is better or worse on a scale of sin.  Except total rejection of God.  That is not my opinion though.  That comes from a Bigger source.

  1. “When will you stop supporting groups that have the promotion of homosexuality to moral status as their core ideal.”

    When they don’t need the support any more. When homosexuals are rightly recognized as equal to the rest of us and allowed to marry those they love.

  2. This unique blog, “Morality: Never Destroyed Opinion “C”” was in fact outstanding.
    I’m printing out a copy to show my friends. I appreciate it,Doug

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